Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions we often get from our customers. If your question wasn't answered, we'd be happy to discuss anything in person or over the phone!
A monthly payment plan that gives you unlimited car washes for a monthly or annual price.
Fill out our application form online. Stop by your local Crosstown Car Wash and see an attendant in order to complete the process. We require a credit card on file and our attendant will provide you with a RFID tag to place on your window. It’ll take just a few minutes!
The day you sign up becomes your monthly payment date for each consecutive month you are on the program. It’s easy to update or cancel your plan.
Visit any Crosstown Car Wash location to update your billing information.
Yes, your membership works at any Crosstown Car Wash.
No, the program is vehicle specific. Each car needs its own membership and RFID tag.

No, you will not receive a refund. Your plan remains active until the day before your next billing date (2 business days). You can cancel or change your subscription whenever you’d like. When you cancel your subscription, you can continue washing until your next monthly billing date.

Yes, you can purchase gift cards at any location during regular business hours.
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