Crosstown Car Wash Unlimited Wash Club Terms & Conditions

  1. Your credit card will be automatically billed each month until the membership is cancelled or terminated. No refunds will be provided.
  2. Each member is responsible for cancellation of his or her own membership. To cancel, visit any Crosstown Car Wash location or email: (2 business days’ notice is required).
  3. You are responsible for all fees, irrespective of the amount of use of Crosstown Car Wash facilities. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods.
  4. The day you sign up becomes your anniversary date, on which you will be billed each consecutive month until cancelled. The anniversary date does not change, regardless of when payment was received. We do not offer one-month trials.
  5. The membership is valid for the single vehicle listed above. You agree to show your membership to an attendant at Crosstown Car Wash if requested. Memberships are only transferable upon purchasing a new vehicle and written notice must be provided. Violation of this policy will result in termination.
  6. The membership is valid for personal use vehicles only and not for commercial vehicles. A separate commercial vehicle is required. Members may use up to one wash/day.
  7. Crosstown Car Wash reserves the right to close the wash due to equipment maintenance, wash upgrades, inclement weather, and holidays. Members are not entitled to any refunds or credits for car wash unavailability.
  8. Crosstown Car Wash reserves the right to modify or cancel this program and the membership at any time.
  9. Crosstown Car Wash may need to provide you with certain communications, notices, agreements, billing statements, or disclosures in writing (“Communications”) regarding your Unlimited Wash Membership or other products or services. Providing your e-mail address and accepting these terms and conditions confirms your ability and consent to receive Communications electronically.

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